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Sailing Camps at Summer Camps Holland

What are you doing this summer? Do you want to learn how to sail or windsurf in a fun and educational way? Enjoy the outdoors on the Frisian waters with peers your age. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, a sailing camp will make your summer unforgettable.

The sailing camps at Summer Camps Holland are run by Zeil- en Surfschool Neptunus from the Frisian town of Idskenhuizen. Zeilschool Neptunus is a quality school with certified instructors. You'll receive lessons in small groups of three or four other children, ensuring plenty of personal attention for everyone. During your participation in a Sailing Camp, you'll learn all about sailing and receive a diploma at the end of the week. The Sailing Camps cater to different age groups from 7 to 17 years old.

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Location: Zeilschool Neptunus

The Frisian waters are perfect for hosting our sailing camps. Zeilschool Neptunus is situated in the heart of the Frisian Lake District. From the sailing school, we sail to our 'private lake', the sheltered and shallow Idskenhuistermeer, from where we can navigate all of Friesland. We often sail to Woudsend, Langweer, Heeg, Lemmer, or Sneek.

The shallow waters of the Idskenhuistermeer make it peaceful and safe here. This is ideal for you because you'll have the lake virtually to yourself most of the time.


The accommodation is unique! The main building of the sailing school is housed in a former church. It has been charmingly renovated with the dining hall on the first floor. In the dining hall, you'll enjoy delicious breakfasts and dinners. The meals are prepared by our own chef. Not only do we dine together in the dining hall, but we also hold theory lessons here, for example. The bedrooms downstairs are all equipped with 2, 3, or 4 bunk beds, ensuring that you always share a room with children of your own age! The older children sleep in 'The Village Hall', right opposite the church.