Living and creating the festival feeling all week long together with your camp mates? Are you creative? Do you like theatre, music, dance, film, cooking and chilling in the hammock or beanbag, or perhaps all of these? Then you’re in the right spot at Festival Camps!

All camps under Festival Camps take place at Markant Outdoorcentrum. This is the place where Summer Campers of the different camps and ages eat, sleep and undertake activities together. On our location many activities of the camps take place, such as our (creative) workshops, building rafts, movie night, theatre lesson or Archery Tag. You take part in an exciting dropping or relax in the sun on the beach near the great big recreational lake in Braamt. The Festival Camps are for various age groups from 12 through 19. Check for your favourite camp!   

Group Campsite

The Outdoorcentrum has a large, fully equipped camping ground surrounded by trees and shrubs. It is here that the Summer Campers ages 12 through 16 will sleep in large group tents. Besides the sanitary facilities, the campgrounds feature a large group tent as well as various designated  campfires.  All Festival Campers stay together on the Festival Camp field. This field is entirely decorated in a festival mood and there are hammocks for chilling out. 

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Markant Outdoorcentrum is situated in the village of Braamt in the recreational area of Stroombroek in the eastern part of The Netherlands called the Achterhoek near the German border. This is the Base Camp of Summer Camps Holland where many of the Camps take place.
The Outdoorcentrum is a wonderful location for our Base Camps. All the facilities that you can think of can be found at the Outdoorcentrum. In short, a location where youngsters can enjoy themselves to the fullest. The Outdoorcentrum therefore, is the place to be during Summer Camps.

Camping Site
You stay in safari tents located on the group campsite of Markant Outdoorcentrum. The campsite features one large tent where all the campers can stay and socialise during the day and in the evenings. The large activities tent will also be used in case of inclement weather conditions. Of course we will of course not miss out on the campfire in the evenings to share the adventures of the day with the other Summer Campers of your age. The campsite has its own stage. This allows you to step into ‘the spotlight’ at any moment of your choice or to quickly rehearse your piece once more.