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FAQ (44 results)

On this page you will find all frequently asked questions. On the left side you can filter the questions by categorie. Do you have different question? Feel free to give us a call on 0314 680 688 or sent an e-mail to

  • How do I book a camp?

    You can only sign up for one of our Summer Camps by online filling in and sending our booking form. The email address of the person making the booking will also be the return address to which we will send the travel documents. With your user name and password you are then able to log in into your personal MySummerCamps page.  

  • How do you go about diets and / or allergies?

    When you book a camp, please indicate if your child has any dietary requirements, any food allergies, or cannot eat any specific food products according to religious stipulations, or indeed any other particulars with respect to food. We will always take your dietary wishes into account and, if necessary, provide alternative food products.     

  • How can we reach the Summer Camps (by telephone)?

    The people responsible for each Camp are present at each location day and night and can be reached on their mobile phones.

  • How is overnight stay organised?

    The arrangements for overnight stay differ from camp to camp and age group. For more information please be referred to the page of your chosen camp under ‘where is your stay’.

  • How do I pay?

    After your booking via our website, you’ll receive our confirmation by email including our invoice. The invoice specifies the amount due as well as our account number for transfer. The mail also gives a direct link to iDEAL for easy transfer of the amount due.

  • How is transport taken care of to the Ardennes Camps?

    Own transport or public transport

    Mountain Network Ardennes is situated in the southern region of Belgium, approximately 3 hours by car from Utrecht. Is transport a problem or would you like to travel without your parents? No problem! You can start your camp sooner by travelling by train from Rotterdam. In Rotterdam one of our crew will meet you and the other campers and travel with you to our destination in Belgium. In this way, your camp will be even more exciting!

    Later een treinreis bijboeken?
    Mocht u op een later tijdstip de treinreis willen boeken dan kan dat tot uiterlijk één week voorafgaand aan het kamp. Een extra treinreis kunt u boeken door een email te sturen naar Summer Camps Holland ( met vermelding van de naam, weeknummer en factuurnummer van de boeking. Geef duidelijk aan welke treinreis u wilt boeken, een retour of enkele reis heen of terug. U hiervan een losse factuur via Mountain Network Ardennen

    Want to book your train journey later?

    You can book your train journey at a later point in time, but no later than one week before the start of the camp. You can book an extra train journey by sending an email to Summer Camps Holland ( stating your name, week number and invoice number of the booking. Please clearly indicate which train journey you wish to book, return or single to or from the destination. You will receive a separate invoice via Mountain Network Ardennes.

    Return journey

    We meet on Sunday morning at 9.30 a.m. at Rotterdam Central station and travel via Brussels to Dinant station in Belgium. On arrival at around 2.00 p.m. we will be met and taken to our camp location. At 2.00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon we will be on the train back and will be in Rotterdam Central at around 6.00 p.m.

    One way

    Book a one-way train ticket for the accompanied journey outward or return. In this way you can still visit our location but saves you one trip.

    Train ticket prices are as follows

    - € 55,00 return
    - € 30,00 one way Rotterdam – Dinant
    - € 30,00 one way Dinant – Rotterdam  

    Mountain Network
    Ferme de Pont á Lesse, 5500 Anseremme-Dinant, Belgium
    Tel: +31 (0)88 - 123 68 80 / +32 (0)82-227816T

  • How is transport to the sail camps organised?

    You come to the sail camp on your own accord. Here you will be met by the Neptunus crew who will take you to your room. In the meantime the instructors of the various courses have set out the tables where, together with your parents, you can sign up to let us know you are in. You wave your parents goodbye and make for the water straightaway.

    Sailing school Neptunus
    Bramerstraat 66-68, 8523 NJ Idskenhuizen
    Tel: +31 (0513) 431603

  • How is transport organised for the Base, Festival and Sports Camps?

    You come to the camps on your own accord. If you booked a Summer School and you come in by public transport, our taxi buses may come and fetch you from Doetinchem station and drop you off there in the evening.

    All transport during the camps for outings etc. is contracted out to a recognised taxi company, which guarantees quality transport and insurance and liability coverage. 

    Markant Outdoorcentrum
    Gildeweg 7, 7047 AR Braamt
    Tel: +31 (0)314 – 680 688

  • How are insurances organised?

    Every business unit under Summer Camps Holland is required to have their insurances in order. All participating children of Summer Camps Holland are insured against injury by accident through Markant Outdoorcentrum or Mountain Network. Sailing school Neptunus, Markant Outdoorcentrum and Mountain Network all have a good and balanced business liability insurance. Please be referred to our website of Summer Camps Holland for all other matters concerning insurance.

    Insurance can be extended to include a complete travel and cancellation insurance package as well. Summer Camps Holland works in close cooperation with Europeesche verzekering to facilitate this extra package. When booking, you may choose to extend your travel and cancellation insurance in the options menu.

  • I’m coming together with a friend to camp, will we be in the same group?

    If you book the exact same camp in the same week, you’ll be together in the group. When booking, it is wise to mention that you’ll be coming together so that the crew will know.

  • I have a different question

    Is your question not in the list? Please feel free to contact us!

  • I made a mistake in my booking, what should I do?

    Oops! Not to worry! If you made a mistake in your booking which you can no longer correct in your MySuymmerCamps page, please mail or phone us. We’ll see to it that the mistake is taken care of.   

  • Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants?

    Summer Camps require a minimum number of 8 persons to each Camp. If the number of applicants is below the minimum requirement, we reserve the right to cancel that particular camp. Camps may also be combined. If one of the Camps is cancelled or combined, Summer Camps Holland will communicate this change with you no later than 14 days before your departure. In case you do not agree with any of the changes, you may cancel the reservation free of charge. In case of a change in programme, Summer Camps Holland will consult with you first to discuss the best options available under the circumstances.

    The maximum number of participants is reached when the size of the group impedes the safety and the care of the group. We monitor this process carefully during the booking period, but in practice it comes down to a maximum number of around 25 participants per Camp.

  • Is my child in safe hands at Summer Camps Holland?

    The supervision of the campers is in the hands of experienced crewmembers who have been selected beforehand and are trained by Summer Camps Holland.  Crewmembers and crew with final responsibility for the camps in each location are present day and night. At Base Camp they are the proprietors of Markant Outdoorcentrum, at the Sailing Camps it is the Sailing school Neptunus and at the Ardennes Camps it is the location manager of Mountain Network.

    A VOG (Dutch Certificate of Conduct) is required for every crewmember. We thus reduce the chance of improper conduct together with the continuous supervision and inspection of the Summer Camps Holland organisation. Please be referred to Quality and Safety for more information.  

  • Can I still cancel my Camp?

    In case of cancellation we will charge you a fee. The size of the fee depends on the number of weeks or days of the cancellation prior to the start of the camp.  


    • In case of cancellation more than 2 months before the activities take place, the customer is obliged to pay a minimum of 15% of the full booking price to the company.
    • In case of cancellation more than 1 month before the activities take place, the customer is obliged to pay 35% of the full booking price to the company.
    • In case of cancellation more than 14 days before the activities take place, the customer is obliged to pay 60% of the full booking price to the company.
    • In case of cancellation more than 7 days before the activities take place, the customer is obliged to pay 85% of the full booking price to the company.
    • In case of cancellation 7 day or less before the activities take place; the customer is obliged to pay 100% of the full booking price to the company.
  • How can we reach the Summer Camps (by telephone)?

    The people responsible for each Camp are present at each location day and night and can be reached on their mobile phones.

    What does Summer Camps do with mobile telephones and valuables of campers? Many campers bring their mobile telephones to Summer Camp. Summer Camps Holland wants to stimulate the children to build up relationships and to experience the camp together.  And apart from that, the children will be actively taking part in the activities all day long increasing the chance of loss or breakage of their phones. But we realise that the homefront and other social contacts during camp are important as well. During camp, therefore, mobile phones and other valuables are stored safely away at each Camp. After the evening meal, at certain dedicated points in time, everybody can use his/her phone to call, send text messages or apps. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can use the office phone free of charge. Details about the exact phone times are in the infobooklet MySummerCamps. Each camper, however, is responsible for his/her telephone and personal belongings. 

  • Does my child get enough to eat?

    Breakfast & Lunch

    At breakfast the children are allowed to eat as many sandwiches and fruit as they need. They make their own sandwiches for lunch and decide for themselves how many they need. The crew will try as much as possible to make sure that each child eats sufficiently. The children  also take an in-between snack with them for the afternoons.  

    Evening meals

    At supper the children walk past the buffet tables where the crew serve their meals and fill their plates. In this way we can check to see if every child eats enough, eat their vegetables and that no food is wasted. The evening meals are served in rounds. Children who after their first plate is finished are still hungry are given an 2nd, 3rd (or even 4th) serving. Our cooks make sure that there is always sufficient food.     


    If a child still feels hungry in between meals, he or she can always go to the crew for extra fruit and sandwiches!

  • Can we pass on special requirements?

    If your child has any particular needs, Summer Camps Holland will take those into account as much as possible. Things worth mentioning are for instance his or her birthday, medication requirements or other matters that require special attention and supervision. We have a lot of experience with many exceptional circumstances, but it is good to be in the know beforehand. Please state your requirements when you book your camp. 

  • My child has special needs regarding diet, health and/or behaviour, can he/she come to camp?

    Children with special needs regarding diet (bad eaters, allergies, vegetarian etc.), health (asthma, migraine, hay fever, allergies, etc.) or behaviour (isolating, shyness, hyper-activity, PDD Nos, ADHD, ADD etc.) can come to camp. It is important though that you mention any of these particulars when booking, so that our crew know beforehand what your child needs. The crew may supervise his or her timely medicine intake, for instance, and will be able to handle properly in certain situations.   

  • My child does not speak any, or hardly any Dutch, can he /she take part in the Summer Camp?

    The language spoken in the Camps is Dutch. You do not speak Dutch? That is no problem. All our crew and instructors speak English as well. Most visiting children often speak English reasonably well too. Over the years we have received many children in our camps whose mother tongue is not Dutch, but this has always gone very smoothly as they are quickly taken up in the group and activities.    

  • Can my child come alone to camp?

    This is certainly possible. Children often come to camp by themselves, but we notice that they make friends soon.  It happens frequently that children become such close friends at camp that they decide to go to camp together the following year. Coaching starts immediately after the start of the camp by establishing group cohesion by involving everybody as much as possible. The coaches also stimulate the children to constructive and interactive play and social exchange.     


  • My son/daughter was at camp but left some things behind

    At the end of each week we collect all lost objects. You may phone or mail us for possible lost items. You may choose to collect them yourself or to have them sent to your address. You do however pay postage. 

  • Do boys and girls sleep separately?

    Yes, there are separate tents for boys and girls. The crew sleep separate from the children, but in close proximity, so that they may keep any eye on them.


  • What are the general terms and conditions?

    You can download the general terms and conditions here. If you have questions please contact us on 

  • What is the (Dutch) Certification Mark Children’s Holidays (Keurmerk Kindervakanties)

    Summer Camps Holland holds the (Dutch) Certification Mark Children’s Holidays (Keurmerk Kindervakanties). The Certification Mark Children Holidays is an independent quality mark of children holidays organisations. Organisations allowed to carry the mark comply demonstrably with the strict criteria regarding safety, hygiene, and quality. We have annual audits by an independent inspection authority and comply with the highest standards in the sector of children’s holidays. Please be referred to Quality & Safety for more information. 

  • How are food and drinks organised at Summer Camps?

    Breakfast, lunch and the evening meals and drinks are included in the Summer Camps. Our cook prepares a fresh meal every day. This guarantees good quality food. We try to cater as much as possible to what children of a certain age like best, but that does not mean that they should eat unhealthy food. Our cook therefore prepares sensible and nutritious meals. We also provide the refreshments and snacks. Naturally, we also take special dietary requirements of the campers into consideration, such as special diets or vegetarian diets. You are kindly requested to indicate your preference on the enrolment form.


  • What are the start and end times of the Belgian Ardennes Camps?

    The camps in the Belgian Ardennes have their walk-in-hour between 2.00 and 3.00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. You are invited to coffee or tea on arrival and a guided tour of the premises at which time the Camp start! The camps end on Saturday afternoon at 12 noon. The camps are concluded with a joint lunch.

  • What are the start- and end times of the Base, Festival and Sports Camps?

    On Sunday afternoon between 2.30 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. you are invited to register at the tables set out in the restaurant of Markant Outdoorcentrum. At about 3 o’clock when everyone is in there will be a short word of welcome at which time the Camps start! On Saturday morning at 11.30 a.m. the camps finish and you may fetch your child(ren) at that time.

  • What are the start and end times of the Camps?

    The Base- Festival and Sport Camps have a walk-in on Sunday afternoon between 2pm and 2.30pm. These Camps end on Saturday morning between 11am and 11.30am.

    The 4-day camps from Sunday to Wednesday also start Sunday afternoon between 2pm and 2.30pm and end Wednesday afternoon at 12.30pm. If extended, this camp also ends on Saturday between 11am and 11.30am.

    The Ardennes Adventure Camp has a drop-in on Sunday afternoon between 16.00 and 17.00 and ends Saturday morning at 11.00.

    At the sailing camps, reception is between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on Sunday afternoon. And the sailing camps end at 10am on Saturday morning.

    The May holiday camp starts on Tuesday morning between 11am and 11.30am. On Friday afternoon at 2pm, the camp ends and you can collect your child again.

    When dropping off/collecting your child, there is an opportunity to come and have coffee/tea or something soft to drink when signing in on the camp grounds. There will also be an opportunity to take a tour of our grounds. For more information see also the info booklet on your 'MySummerCamps' page. This can be downloaded from 1 May.


  • What are the start and end times of the day camps?

    The day camp starts at 9.00 a.m. and ends at 5.30 p.m.

  • What are the start and end times of the Summer Schools?

    The Summer Schools start every day at 9.00 a.m. at Markant Outdoorcentrum. If you come by bus or train, please indicate if you want to make use of our taxi buses that run from Doetinchem station to Markant Outdoorcentrum. The Summer Schools end at 5.00 p.m. 

  • What are the start and end times of the Sail Camps?

    The walk-in-hour of the sail camps is on Sunday afternoon between 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. The camps end on Saturday at 10.00 a.m. When leaving and/or collecting your child, you are invited for coffee, tea or soft drinks in our restaurant followed by a tour of the premises. For more information please be referred to our info booklet on your ‘MySummerCamps’ page. This can be downloaded as of 1 May.

  • What are the start and end times of the 4-day Camp?

    The 4-day camp from Sunday through Wednesday starts Sunday afternoon at 3.00 p.m. and ends Wednesday afternoon at 12.30 p.m.

    The 4-day camp from Wednesday through Saturday starts Wednesday at 1.00 p.m. and ends Saturday at 11.30 a.m.

  • What are the start and end times of the Fun & Adventure Camp in the May vacation?

    On Monday morning at 10.00 a.m. the Fun & Adventure Camp starts at Markant Outdoorcentrum. When everyone is in, there will be a short word of welcome at which time the camp starts! On Friday afternoon at 3.00 p.m. the camp ends at which time you may collect your child.   

  • What are the risks in the Freerunning Camp?

    Freerunning is a risk sport. By making use of good trainers and recognised training facilities, such as the gymnastics hall and carefully chosen outdoor facilities, we strive to limit accidents as much as possible. At camp the youngsters are only allowed to do their tricks in the company of the trainers and we are constantly focused on what the free runners do! Apart from some scrapes, a sprained knee or ankle, there have not been any serious accidents in the 3 years since we have been running the Freerunning Camp.  

    Exclusion clause liability insurance

    We are sorry to have to inform you that our liability insurance has excluded freerunning from their coverage. This decision is based on the negative image that freerunning has in the eye of the insurer. At the moment therefore, we cannot accept any liability in case of an accident during freerunning. We are working on reversing this negative image so that we may eventually take up freerunning in our liability insurance coverage as well. When Summer Camps Holland have been neglectful in their execution of the trainings as presented, liability proceedings will be granted.  Obviously, all other activities concerning the Freerunning Camp are routinely covered by our liability insurance.  

    Should you have any questions concerning our insurance policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What snacks does my child get?

    After breakfast the children are given a snack and a fruit drink for their lunch boxes. We offer them fresh fruit every day and coax the children to eat as healthy as possible. But from time to time they are also given a tasty granola bar, cookies, a fruit drink or beverage.

  • Can we the parents stay overnight in the vicinity?

    Yes, that is possible. We understand that parents may feel slightly anxious when they send their children to summer camp. It is therefore possible to stay overnight in the vicinity. Below you may find a number of venues:

    Bungalowpark Landal Stroombroek
    Hotel Villa Ruimzicht
    Hotel Carpe Diem
    Hotel Ruimzicht
    Camping De Dassenboom
    Camping het Peeske
    Camping Brockhausen

    Are you looking for a nice accommodation near the Ardennes Camps? Take a look at



  • Do you take pictures during Camps week?

    Yes we take pictures. During camp week the crew make pictures of camp life, the campers themselves  and the activities. In some instances, we also shoot film. After camp week is over, the pictures are placed on the Facebook page of Summer Camps Holland. The pictures are carefully screened  before we place them on our site. Summer Camps Holland reserves the right to use pictures and films for publication without the right to further compensation.  If you do not wish your child to be photographed or filmed, please indicate this on your enrolment form at the time of booking.

    Besides all the digital pictures of your holiday week, it is also nice to have a tangible souvenir of a marvellous week. That is why Summer Camps works together with KieKieAlbum. After the camp is over, you can choose from all the photographs to compose your own album. For a small fee, the album will be sent to you by post.

  • Do you work with certified instructors?

    Markant Outdoorcentrum, Mountain Network and Sailing school Neptunus all work with certified instructors who are put in with the activities: the Outdoor team at Base Camp, the climbing instructors in the Ardennes Camp and the CWO certified instructors at the Sailing school (CWO: (Dutch) Commission Water sports Training Programmes). Please be referred to Quality & Safety for more information.  

  • Corona Questions

    Updated on june 6.

    Do you have a question which is not answered in the following bulletpoints? Please send an e-mail to We will gladly answer your question as soon as possible.

    General information:

    • Some restrictive measures are required in order to organize the summer camps according to the guidelines of the RIVM. In collaboration with our experienced crew, we have full confidence that fantastic summer camps will be organized. Together, we’ll make it something beautiful!
    • At this stage, we are in consultation with partners who facilitate trips (such as Burgers Zoo, Movie Park, and the ostrich park). As some of you might already know, these partners will make use of time slots and limited opening times. We will try to comply to the original program as well as possible. However unfortunately, it might be the case that we have to consider alternative trips when the intended trips cannot take place.
    • The welcoming and the picking up of the children and teens will be different compared to the ‘normal’ situation. This year, no central meeting will be held at the start and the end of the summer camps together with parents and/or caregivers.
    • Prior to the start of the summer camps, the Summer Camps COVID-19 Protocol will be shared throughout all the participants. The Protocol is now being developed. The final protocol will be based on the currency claim at the moment of the start of summer camps. Adjustment of the protocol due to extensions or aggravations of the currency claim might take place.
    • Please discuss the Summer Camps Corona Protocol with your child(ren) prior to the start of the camp.
    • During the crew preparations of the summer camps, extensive attention will be paid to manners related to the COVID-19 virus. Manners such as taking responsibility, and positive behavior support play an important role within these crew preparations.
    • During the summer camps, the children stay in a so called ‘Camp Bubble’ to the extent possible. Via the Camp Bubbles, we try to prevent the distribution of the COVID-19 virus as much as possible. During trips, it might not always be possible to stay in the Camp Bubble all the time. However, we try to maintain the Camp Bubbles as well as possible.
    • In all cases, the 1.5 meter policy will be maintained by the summer camps crew. Only during unavoidable contact, such as providing first aid, the 1.5 meter policy will be deviated from.
    • Despite the fact that Summer Camps Holland has good partnerships with the general practitioner’s office nearby and in the hospital, we will less likely head out to these facilities during the summer camps this year. In order to address health related issues, a telephone consultation with a general practitioner, first aider, or parent will be the primary choice.
    • When there is doubt with regard to the health of a participant or crew member of Summer Camps Holland, preventive measures will be taken immediately. If an individual's body temperature is raised, he or she will be separated from the Camp Bubble. The next step includes the consultation of a general practitioner.
    • For as much as possible, participants and the crew will stay outdoors during the summer camps! The rationale behind this is that chances of being infected outdoors by COVID-19 are very low.
    • Strict hygiene protocols are prepared in collaboration with the crew and employees of Summer Camps Holland. Performing the hygiene protocol is mandatory.

    Information for camps from the age of 13 years and older

    • Our expectation is that the camps in this age group are organized in full force and effect of the 1.5 meter policy.
    • Despite the lobby efforts regarding the relaxation of the COVID-19 measures in the age group from 13 to 18, compliance to the 1.5 meter policy will be the starting point of the summer camps.
    • The participants of the camps will sleep in bunk beds of the so called safari tents. By allowing only 5 persons per tent, it is possible to guarantee the 1.5 meter policy. The luggage of the participant will be placed on the top bed of the bunk bed while sleeping takes place on the lower bed.
    • The crew of Summer Camps Holland will sleep in separate tents on the same campsite.
    • Outdoor activities included in the summer camps are categorized within the category outdoor sports. Within the age group from 13 till 18 the so called 1.5 meter policy is full force and effect. The specified 1.5 meter policy on outdoor sports is elaborated by Markant Outdoorcentrum.
    • Travelling to other spots within the direct surroundings will take place as much as possible by bike.
    • Travelling to locations outside of the direct surroundings will be facilitated by the partnered taxi company.

    The taxi company is putting in effort in order to be able to facilitate suitable and safe transport. Taxi companies who focus on group transport are allowed to comply to the same guidelines prepared by the government for public transport. The most significant rule includes that travelling with a mouth cap is mandatory.

    • The camps for children from 13 years will make use of a separate sanitary unit (including showers and toilets) which will be used by one Camp Bubble only.

    Information for camps up to the age of 13 years

    • As the currency claim prescribes, children up to the age of 13 are allowed to play with each other. In the end, organizing summer camps for children within these age groups will become a lot easier. However, it remains important handle physical contact and proximity careful.
    • The participants of the summer camps will stay overnight in the group accommodation. Every dorm within the group accommodation contains 3 bunk beds. During the distribution of the children over the dorms an equal spreading will be secured as much as possible.
    • In the group accommodation, permanent ventilation (to the outside) is secured in order to transport potential virus particles to the outside.
    • The Summer Camps Holland crew stays overnight in separate tents outdoors. A single crewmember will sleep in the middle space of the group accommodation which is separated of the dorms by a wall.
    • Outdoor activities included in the summer camps are categorized within the category of outdoor sports.
    • Travelling to locations within the direct surroundings will be facilitated by the partnered taxi company. The taxi company is putting in effort to be able to facilitate suitable and safe transport. Children up to the age of 13 years are allowed to travel in a van or bus together. The driver of the van or bus will be separated from the children through a plastic screen.
    • The shared sanitary facilities inside of the group accommodation are being used only by children in the Camp Bubble.
  • How do you make sure they camp goes safely?

    De accompaniment of the kids is in the hands of experienced crewmembers who are previously selected and trained by Summer Camps Holland. The crewmembers and coordinators are present day and night. The owners of the outdoorcentre in Braamt are the responsible ones for the Base Camps, for the sailing camps the sailingschool Neptunus is responsible and for the Ardenne camps the location manager of Mountain Network is responsible. 


    Of every crew member we ask for a statement of conduct (VOG). This way we slim the changes of undesirable behavior, besides continuous supervision and checks of the Summer Camps Holland Holland organisation. 

  • Where can I find a packing list?

    We made an infobooklet so you can prepare yourself the best way possible for your Summer Camp! In the booklet you can find all the contact informations for your camp and all the other neceserry information such as a packing list, directions and information for the ones staying home. After the first of may you can download it through the website on your personal page "MySummerCamps" account. As an inlogcode you can use your mailing adress and the password you choose when you created your account while booking. Click on the booked camp and on the right top you'll find a button that says "download infobooklet". If you have any questions feel free to contact us! You can reach us on: 0314-680 688

  • Where can I find a packing list?

    To get you as prepared as possible for your Summer Camp we made an infobooklet. In this booklet you can find the contact information of the camp and all the necessary information such as a packing list, directions and information for the ones staying home. After may first you can download it through our website on your personal "MySummerCamps" account. As an inlog you can use the e-mail adress and password you used/created while booking your camp. Select the camp you booked and on the right top corner you can find button that says "download infobooklet". If you have any questions feel free to contact us on: 0314-680 688 

  • Which age group should you select?

    For a booking you can pick different age groups. You'll find that sometimes your child is in the middle of two different groups. Then we will let you make the decision in group the kid will be joining. Between the age categories 8-10 and 10-12 there is no very big difference considering the program. This also goes for the categories 12-14 and 14-16. 

    The dilemma usually goes for the age groups 10-12 and 12-14. The younger kids still sleep in the group building and the older kids sleep on the campsite. There is also a difference between the program of these age groups. Usually the kids in the 10-12 group still go to elementary/middle school, and the kids in the group 12-14 usually go to high school. Of course it could also be that you child feels older/younger then most kids of their age. If you have any doubts feel free to contact us!